Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 Vancouver Maidens of Music Calendar

Ladies and gentleman, the fruit of our labour have finally materialized into the 2013 Vancouver Maidens of Music calendar. The project took 7 months and it is finally done. This calendar features many local musical talents and will soon be released for purchase. All proceeds from calendar sales will go towards Vancouver Womens Shelter. How amazing is that?

The calendar release party will be on November 8th at the Media Club, which a few ladies from the calendar will be performing. If you are in Vancouver, look out for this poster on the streets:


The event's cover charge is $10, and calendars may be purchased at the event for $10.

It has been an honour to shoot for this calendar and I believe in its cause. I made many friends along the way and I hope to see you all Thursday night! (If not, the calendar will still be available for purchase at a few select locations. I will update with a list later)

This calendar features:
Kat Bastow
Cristine Flynn of Porn for the Blind
Hannah Dalton of Avatara
Susie Myers of Over the Coals
DJ Kasey Riot
DJ Ninjette
Nasmasha of One Life Animal
Samantha Landa of Dead Asylum (ex-Scythia)
Cobra Ramone
Citizen A of Pepper Sands
Courtney Lapante of Iwrestledabearonce (ex-Unicron)
Petra Sobotka of Artep
Love Leigh
Chrystal Leigh of Jakalope

Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm still around!

I'm dropping in to say, "Hi!" and to reassure that I have not disappeared. I am really busy and working hard on a lot of projects. I wish that I had something to show for all the time I was 'away' from the blogosphere but many of the assignments are either time sensitive (can't show just yet!) or just purely private (to the client).

In other news, I was honoured to be picked to be in this year's line-up of CARDED!. It's interesting to see what gets submitted under the photography genre. It was great to trade cards amongst the attendees and experience unsolicited comments and responses from strangers purely on your work. CARDED! is one of my favourite annual art shows in Vancouver for its unique approach in opening up the lines between art, its viewers and their creators.

I'm also starting on a large project and volunteering my time and work to a fundraising effort. The hours will be long and hard but I hope to learn and have fun during it all. More on that later!

I attended the graduation show of my would-have-been graduating class (had I not dropped-out) and the show blew my mind. I am absolutely thrilled for everyone and am really honoured to have studied alongside some of my favourite photographers.

Thanks for reading and thanks for following!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Live Cats and Dogs - Grand Opening Party photobooth

This weekend I ran the photobooth for Long Live Cats and Dogs' grand opening party. I brought my dog with me and he had a blast with all the other animals. They were spoiled rotten with fancy treats.

Here are a few handpicked pictures from the event:


Monday, February 13, 2012


Here are the new shots with Liv Lethal.


PS - This Saturday Feb 18th from 12-4PM I will be hosting the photo booth at the grand opening party of my friends' new pet foods & supplies store Long Live Cats and Dogs. The event page is here. Bring your two and four-legged friends!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am super excited for the newest addition to my lighting: the beauty dish. This puppy is a generous gift that had my jaw dropping. Here is Leigh's heashot: