Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2013 Vancouver Maidens of Music Calendar

Ladies and gentleman, the fruit of our labour have finally materialized into the 2013 Vancouver Maidens of Music calendar. The project took 7 months and it is finally done. This calendar features many local musical talents and will soon be released for purchase. All proceeds from calendar sales will go towards Vancouver Womens Shelter. How amazing is that?

The calendar release party will be on November 8th at the Media Club, which a few ladies from the calendar will be performing. If you are in Vancouver, look out for this poster on the streets:


The event's cover charge is $10, and calendars may be purchased at the event for $10.

It has been an honour to shoot for this calendar and I believe in its cause. I made many friends along the way and I hope to see you all Thursday night! (If not, the calendar will still be available for purchase at a few select locations. I will update with a list later)

This calendar features:
Kat Bastow
Cristine Flynn of Porn for the Blind
Hannah Dalton of Avatara
Susie Myers of Over the Coals
DJ Kasey Riot
DJ Ninjette
Nasmasha of One Life Animal
Samantha Landa of Dead Asylum (ex-Scythia)
Cobra Ramone
Citizen A of Pepper Sands
Courtney Lapante of Iwrestledabearonce (ex-Unicron)
Petra Sobotka of Artep
Love Leigh
Chrystal Leigh of Jakalope

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  1. Hey, what's up? Been shooting lately?